A Remodeling Contractor Answers Your Questions

If you’re saying “I want to remodel my home, but I’m not sure how to begin,” the following information will help you get started.

Although interesting and exciting, the remodeling process can be daunting. It is generally considered to be complex and challenging, because there are a great number of details to be resolved, and each decision you make has a project budget impact. However, don’t be deterred by the many details / concerns. It is possible to turn your vision into reality and have a satisfying experience doing it.

The long list of details include: who can I trust to do the construction, is an architect needed for the design, can I work with just one company to design and build the project, what will it cost, how does the project financing work, what style options are available to me, where do I get information on materials and systems to be installed, will I need to change my heating system, can I reduce my home’s energy demand, etc. To begin, envision what you want and what will satisfy your needs. Make simple sketches and / or write a few sentences. What is critical is putting together a good general idea that can be conveyed to your designer and builder team. Don’t worry! There is really no need to be highly specific when you work with a good designer and builder team.

Now, once you have formulated a general idea of what you would like to see built, the next decision is to chose the approach you will use to complete your project. The design build approach is generally recognized to be easy and cost effective for the homeowner. It is easy, because it allows you to work with one company that will design your project and then build it. You collaborate with one company to guide you through resolving the many details and your concerns, develop an acceptable project budget, complete the design, and then build the project. The design-build company accomplishes these tasks by assembling and directing a team of professionals that includes engineers, classically trained architects, craftsmen, and other professionals as necessary.

The design build approach is cost efficient because by taking responsibility for the design and building of a project, the design build company knows the project must be accurately budgeted and the budget controlled from the concept phase to completion. You and the company build the project on paper first before the construction actually begins. This allows you and your team to have an intimate understanding of what it will ultimately look like and cost. You benefit from the design build approach in several ways. The approach is recognized to be more efficient and lower in cost. It provides long lasting value and yields a higher level of consumer satisfaction. The approach allows you to focus simply on your vision, desires and the project’s financing. It is the design build company’s responsibility to assure everything else is done on-time and your goals are achieved.

Whatever your project, Gilmore Building Co., Inc. can explain how its design build approach will ensure that your vision and ideas are realized and your resources protected. Gilmore Building Co., Inc. specializes in applying the new–old home concept to remodeling, whether the project will add additional living space, remodel / renovate existing living space, or revive the soul and restore the character of an old New England style home. Some new-old home remodeling options are explained below.

Adding Soul

Homes built in the last few decades without the exterior decorative detail found in an elegant old New England style home can be revived and given a new appearance. By remodeling the exterior, a home can be given the immediately recognizable authentic appearance of a New England traditional architecture style home. An authentic appearance of age can be achieved through reproduction of the old architectural styles such as Greek Revival that were very popular in the early 1800's and are still so today. 

Consistent with the new-old home concept, new components of a revived home would be constructed with low maintenance materials using today's technologies. The old New England revived home will be infused with warmth and be given not only character and heart, but a soul. These revived homes reward the owner with lasting value.

(Revival: n, a new presentation of an old play, movie or similar vehicle, renewed attention to something…..2. GBCo - A renewed attention to traditional architecture and sound building techniques.)

Rejuvenating an Old New England Architectural Style Home

Existing New England traditional architecture style homes can be renovated / rejuvenated and the benefits of the new-old home concept can be added while the original character is preserved. Using the collaborative design/build approach and our expertise, an owner can change a home’s interior and exterior combining the old character with the latest construction technologies and today’s lifestyle conveniences.