Photos of Traditional New England Saltbox Style New Old Home

The homeowners purchased 40 acres of land in Shrewsbury, MA to build a new home and develop a small hobby winery.  The new home had to be of traditional New England style architecture with a barn to support the winery.

A classic early New England Salt Box inspired New Old Home was chosen because a New Old Home is new construction that looks like it was built 200 years ago.  The result was the 4-bedroom home shown at the right that has the latest living conveniences, energy efficient systems, and low maintenance technologies.  In addition, a traditional red barn was built.

The grape vines are planted and, for sure, good wine is on the way.

Photo of New England Saltbox new old home

New England Saltbox, Shrewsbury, MA

Photo of box beam kitchen ceiling in new home

Boxed-Beam Kitchen Ceiling

Photo of molding detailing brackets in new home

Detailing Molding

Photo of new kitchen in the new home

The Latest Kitchen conveniences 

Photo of red New England barn near new home

New England Style Red Barn

Photo of see-through fireplace

See-through Fireplace Serving kitchen and dining room

Post-Construction Testimonial :"We believe we have a very high quality home.  We are very happy with our home.  We believe we have a home that was built with the quality we expected and we would recommend Gilmore Building Co. to anyone."