Custom Design Build Process

Gilmore Building Co., Inc. works with its clients using the custom design build approach. It does not generally utilize the traditional approach which is to obtain a design by an architect and then bids to construct from contractors.

Gilmore Building Co. follows the design build approach to make the home building process more efficient and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Because of its benefits to the homeowner, progressive professional builders have taken the design build concept developed in the commercial construction industry and are applying it to residential projects. By taking the responsibility for the design and building of a project, the builder knows the project must be accurately budgeted from the concept phase to completion. Furthermore, the builder, along with the owner and a team of professionals assembled by the builder, build the project on paper before it is actually built. This allows all of the parties involved to have an intimate understanding of the project scope and materials to be used.

In contrast, the traditional architect design and contractor bid approach requires the homeowner to hire an architect, develop a design and then receive bids from several contractors. Although the projects are designed very well, the ultimate design cost can be more than an owner’s anticipated budget. This causes projects to be redesigned, which takes more time and money, or canceled completely for lack of budget.

Furthermore, if the project once designed is within the anticipated budget, the contractor usually bids the project based on his minimum interpretation of the scope of work and the materials to be utilized. This is an inherent flaw in the bid process that results from the desire to have the low price in order to win the project. This generally leads to conflicts between the contractor and the owner because of the way each has interpreted the plans. The traditional architect design, bid and then build approach is inefficient and exposes the owner to the greater possibility for disputes.

Gilmore Building Co. protects its clients and utilizes the design build approach for all of its projects. We work together with our clients to develop the project budget, complete the design and then build the project. Throughout all these steps, our clients have one point of contact and that is Gilmore Building Co.

Gilmore Building Co. uses the construction management process to assemble and directs a team of professionals to complete a project that includes engineers, classically trained architects, craftsmen, and other professionals as necessary. This approach is more efficient, is lower in cost, provides greater project value and yields a higher level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to the budget, design and construction phases of a project, Gilmore Building Co. will also extend this collaboration to the initial phases of land development. These activities include those listed below.

  • Regulatory review and permit acquisition that allows land to be developed – This may include permits from the Conservation Commission, Board of Health, Planning Board and ZBA.
  • Project Land planning
  • Proposed building lot adequacy review