May 3rd Update| Grafton Builder Co-Sponsors Sell by Design Contest

Gilmore Building Co., teaming with Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty (real estate sales), Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton, MA (landscaping), and Phillips Design of Concord MA (interior design) offered the Sell by Design Contest for Boston Metrowest homeowners seeking to sell their homes in the next 12 months. 

So what's going on at this point?

On April 30, the Contest co-sponsors issued the following news release.

Natick Family Wins a $50,000 Home Face-Lift

Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty, in conjunction with Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton, Gilmore Building Company of Grafton and Philips Design of Concord, have announced today that the Doucette family of Hopewell Farm Road in South Natick, Massachusetts are the grand prize winners of the Sell By Design Contest. The Doucette's South Natick home will receive a custom home face-lift valued at up to $50,000 provided by the participating sponsors before being listed for sale by Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty.

Hopkinton, MA (April 30, 2010) -- The Doucette family of South Natick, Massachusetts has been selected as the grand prize winner of the Boston Metrowest, MA "Sell By Design Contest." The Doucette's home was among hundreds of homeowners in eighteen select Metrowest Massachusetts towns that submitted essays in the hopes of getting the professional design team to choose their home to beautify with a $50,000 face-lift before listing it for sale this spring.

"We are so excited to be named the winner of this contest," says Margie Doucette. "We have a nice home in a wonderful neighborhood, it's just a little tired and needs some TLC to get it ready for the market."

"I'm so happy for the Doucettes," says Michele Phaneuf, Realtor, who will be co-listing this home with Contest Coordinator Muneeza Nasrullah of Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty once the renovations are complete. "This will demonstrate the importance of getting your home in market-ready condition before listing it for sale."

Over the next six to eight weeks, the Doucette's South Natick home will receive landscape improvements, minor exterior alterations and interior cosmetic updates provided by the professional team of designers including Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton, MA, Gilmore Building Company of Grafton, MA and Philips Design of Concord, MA. Once completed, the renovated home will be listed for sale by Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty of Hopkinton, MA.

"We've been telling our customers for years that landscaping improvements provide a fantastic ROI for the value of your home," says Peter Mezitt, President of Weston Nurseries. "This project is the first tangible example I know of in our industry that will provide the proof."

"It's a wonderful opportunity," explains James Lipcon of Philips Design. "The Doucettes are going to get a fantastic redesign project that will surely increase the value of their home and make it more appealing to buyers."

"Through the good fortune of the Doucettes, says Eric Gilmore, President of Gilmore Building Co., everyone will all have a great opportunity to observe the face-lift remodeling process and the benefits that can be realized by custom designing to enhance a home's attractiveness before the selling process begins."

"In today's market, first impressions and curb appeal are more important than ever," says Erika Paul, President and Broker-Owner of Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty. "The Sell By Design Contest will not only greatly benefit the Doucettes, but also will demonstrate how crucial it is to get your home in the best shape possible before listing it for sale."

Video progress of the project can be viewed online.  Watch for articles to be carried by news outlets featuring the progress of the face-lift construction and follow the progress on Facebook. 

Additional sponsors of the Sell By Design Contest include: The Law Offices of Irfan Nasrullah, First Eastern Mortgage Corporation, Koopman Lumber and Hardware, Flanagan Interior Finish, Inc., Kelly's Property Services, LLC, Lorusso Stone and Omni Stone Works, Inc.

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