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Specializing in Efficiency Driven Building Technologies and Building Science Principles

A Gilmore Building Company specialty is designing and building its new home and home remodeling projects based on innovative "Home Building Technology" and classic "Building Science Principles". These Technologies and Principles are a key focus of our Company's designing philosophy.  At the beginning of every project, our design team determines which advanced building industry technologies to use so to best enhance a client's goals while only having a reasonable impact on the project budget.  Whether applying individual products, construction details, or structural component delivery systems, the design team philosophy is based on completing construction faster at a lower cost to a client, building a more energy efficient structure, and producing a convenient, low maintenance, living space that has enduring value.  

Presented, in the next section, are brief descriptions the some of the innovative building technologies and principles Gilmore Building offers such as those listed below.

  • Energy Efficient Systems such as: "Net Zero" Energy Consumption, Solar Powered Systems, Geothermal Systems, Heat Pump Systems
  • Building with Manufactured Subsystems including:   Structural Insulated Panels, Pre-cast Foundation Panels, Custom Modular Components
  • Building Science Principles such as:  Walls that Breath, Sealed Crawl Spaces
  • Green Building Materials

Brief Descriptions of Home Building Technologies and Building Science Principles

Gilmore Building Company is known for designing and building its new construction and home remodeling projects based on innovative "New Home Building Technology" and "Building Science Principles." These Building Technologies and Principles are offered to our client's at the beginning of a project's design, so to best enhance a client's project goals and budget.  These technologies, when expertly applied, provide:

  • a faster construction time frame and thus a lower cost of construction;
  • an energy efficient structure with low energy costs, if any;
  • a convenient, low maintenance, durable living space;
  • a project that will have enduring value.  

A very brief explanation of some of the latest innovative building technologies and principles that Gilmore Building Company uses are presented below. 


  • "Net Zero" Energy Consumption
  • Solar Powered Systems
  • Geothermal Systems like Heat Pumps

Gilmore Building Company enjoys the challenge of combining artful design while greatly reducing the energy footprint of a new home.  New Home Building Technology is available to produce highly energy efficient homes when properly and very carefully designed and built.  Critical, however, are the optimum combination of renewable energy sources, manufactured building systems and building science principles. 

"Net Zero" - The optimum energy efficient home is known as a "Net Zero" home.  It is a home that:

  • produces its own energy on site
  • produces at least as much energy as it consumes
  • utilizes renewable energy sources like solar power or geothermal heat   
  • uses every unit of energy to its maximum potential meaning it is built with a highly efficient, low energy transfer building envelope that includes doors, windows, the foundation, and the exterior walls (must be properly sealed with a high R-value material to resist heat flow and low air leakage through cracks). 

Geothermal energy - heat energy that is farmed from naturally occurring heat just below the surface of the earth. Geothermal energy is a popular new home building technology and is renewable energy source.  This heat is used to heat space, driveways to melt snow and / or heat water.

Solar Energy - There are a varied number of solar technologies available to produce electricity and heated water.  They are known as photovoltaic ("PV") systems.  They have been available for decades but recent times have created incredible advancements in technology.



  • Structural Insulated Panels,
  • Precast / Insulated Foundation Panels,
  • Custom Modular Wall Components

Gilmore Building Company, Inc. seeks to limit the amount of construction performed on the job-site because it saves construction time and lowers the cost of construction.  It utilizes advanced new home building technology that are sub-systems - components or modules - produced in a factory setting such as precast foundations by Superior Walls, standard wall panels, structural insulated panels(See Energy Panel Structure, Inc), insulated concrete forms, truss roof systems, and custom modular construction.  However, applying these technologies requires experience and expertise since all have their own unique properties that lend themselves to one project or another.  Each of the building technologies can reduce the amount of labor utilized on a site and the amount of time required to construct a project.  They limit the exposure of a project's components to the weather because they are assembled in an environmentally controlled factory setting. The cost of the component can be lower because the producer can take advantage of the buying power of the large corporation.  



  • Walls that Breath
  • Sealed Crawl Spaces
  • Frost-protected Shallow Foundations (FPSF)

Sustainable or “green” building design and construction is a method of wisely using resources to create high-quality, healthier and more energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. A green building is more than the sum of its parts, its process and impacts matter too. Green design is about finding a balance between high-quality construction and low environmental impact. A lighter environmental footprint means a longer-lasting planet, which is good for the builder, the builder's client and the environment. Green building is a goal that requires a process. 

Green Building concepts are integral building technologies in the design and building of a Gilmore Building Co., Inc. home remodeling and new home project.


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