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Working with clients through all phases of a project, the GBCo Approach achieves client satisfaction through creativity in design and a focus on incorporating, in all its projects, the latest energy efficiency and  building technologies, utilizing strict cost controls.  Our goal is to significantly enhance a client's project vision using our knowledge and expertise to provide what we all look for, a timely completed project that provides enduring value.

GBCo has, for nearly 20 years, become well known for designing and building the following products and product specialties.

Our Products Include:
  • New Homes - The New Old Home - Designs Based on Traditional New England Architecture
  • New Homes - Custom Designed Colonial Homes
  • Energy Efficient High Performing New Homes & Buildings
  • Energy Efficient Existing Home Retrofits 
  • In-law Suites / Accessory Apartments
  • Additions, Great Rooms, Master Suites, Mudrooms
  • Remodeling Whole House, Kitchens, Basements 
  • Custom Designed Carriage Homes, Workshops and Barns
Our Specialty Products Include:
  • The New Old Home Architectural Design Concept 
  • Energy Efficient High Performing New Homes & Buildings
  • Energy Efficient Existing Home Retrofits
  • Custom Designed  In-Law Suites / Accessary Apartments
  • Permitting for Difficult Building Lots


GBCo works with clients through all phases of a project from building lot evaluation to custom design and construction.  Key services you can rely on during the journey are shown in the Topic Boxes below.  Click on a Box and learn how these services will enhance your project vision and assure your satisfaction.     

New Old Home

The "Design / Build" Approach:

Because the home design / building or home remodeling process is complex, we protect our clients by providing a design and build approach.  We developed this over 18 years of designing and building homes. Our design and build approach allows us to efficiently lead / guide clients through the project completion process and thus protect their significant investments in time and resources. Our clients profit from having one project manager that accompanies them through design and construction. 

Geo-thermal heating system

The "Right Path" Design & Construction Method Approach:

We have developed an expertise in selecting the "Right Path" construction method for our home building and remodeling projects. We guide our clients through the maze of building options and select the "right path."  A team of artful designers, engineers, our Project Manager and skilled craftsmen is assembled and its collaboration defines the right path to designing and building the project. A "right path" is selected when the decision to build with latest energy efficiency systems,  innovative Building Science methods like insulated foundation panels.  The right path will assure the finished project is within a client's budget, and image of the final project.

3-Season Porch added to Victorian Home

The "Rigorous Project Cost Control" Approach

Over its 18 years in business, our staff has developed a  sophisticated cost control process that combines dedicated accounting and project management staff with computer-based accounting / project management software.  Our client's will tell you that their projects have been completed without cost overruns - their design budget became the completed project cost.  No surprises!

New Old Home the Liberty Wood

The "Custom / Individualized Design" Approach

Custom / individualized design is a specialty for GBCo project team.  It is applied to our contemporary homes and traditional New England New Old Homes.  A New Old Home captures the charm of classic traditional New England style architecture in an efficient and convenient newly constructed home. The designs of our new old homes are inspired by traditional architecture from the 18th or 19th centuries.  These homes are built using today's innovative, energy efficient, low maintenance building materials and technologies.  Although it appears to be say 200 years old, a new-old home is a modern home that fully accommodates today's lifestyles. A New old home has lasting value.


The "Client First" Approach:

As the Company's clients attest, we approach projects with a “client first” focus.  This business model was set by Eric Gilmore, the Company’s President.  It is a commitment to understanding client needs and interests for their project that was derived from his work history in residential and commercial construction.  He observed what worked well for clients and what did not.  He believes that client first approach requires a high level of communication and dedication to making the building process client friendly, pleasant and satisfying. 

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