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Custom designed homes Including The New-Old Home

Since its inception 18 years ago, a Gilmore Building Company Co focus has been to combine artful design with innovation in home building. Gilmore Builders has worked to enhance the project visions of its clients through the application of classic design principles, Innovative Building Technologies, and the most current Building Science Principles. Our design team's philosophy drives it to determine how to best use these technologies and principles to complete construction faster, for less cost, and produce a low energy living space.  


Gilmore Building Company, Inc. offers design-build services for new homes with various architectural styles. A design specialty is traditional New England architecture of the 1800's, which includes The New Old Home. 


Additionally, GBCo is also known for bringing to reality a client's own custom design.  GBCo’s design team collaborates with clients to individualize their concept and enhance their project visions. 


What Is The New Old Home?

Bringing to life the architectural concept of a New Old Home is a Gilmore Building design specialty. The concept means a newly build home whose design is historically inspire by traditional New England architecture. From the curb, the home looks like it was built 200 years ago on Main Street in New England, however, its interior design is family-living convenient, and is built with energy and cost-efficient innovative building concepts.

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