Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a crucial component in the quest for energy-efficient air conditioning systems, especially in net-zero homes. These innovative devices offer a highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods. By harnessing the principles of thermodynamics, heat pumps are capable of transferring heat from one location to another, providing both heating and cooling functions with minimal energy consumption.

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Building Stories: Episode 1: Custom Fireplace

We are building a home that has loads of stories and we're not talking about the height of the house. We have collaborated with the owner, architect, engineers, interior designer, landscape designer and numerous highly skilled tradesmen to create some very custom designs including this French inspired artistic fireplace. Ben Kangos, our Jr. Project Manager gives us a tour of the home beginning with the cast stone replica of a 1800's French fireplace. There's so much more to this new home. So, be looking for our next post. We hope you enjoy watching this fabulous new home unfold on GBCo's Building Stories. Happy Holidays!
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GBCo Community Corner: The Hero Teacher Project

Gilmore Building Company believes that building a community takes more than adding nice new homes to the neighborhoods. It takes people passionate about helping to create an environment where growth and personal development can occur on a daily basis. Schools are such places in our communities where kids grow and learn due to the direct support of teachers. GBCo supports teachers and what they do for our communities.

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Heat Pumps: An important part of GBCo's Energy Efficient Homes.

It's summer. It's hot. So, Many folks in America turn on their air conditioners. We know the issues related to using A/C.  They are not climate change friendly and do not use energy efficiently. How then, do we beat the heat and care about the planet?  Heat Pumps are more or less standard now in many of GBCo's new homes and energy renovations. Recently the New York Times posted an article detailing why and how America should invest in Heat Pumps to be installed in homes over A/C. 

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Scene From a GBCo Job Site Join Us Instagram/Facebook @gilmorebuilders

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Stunning Sunroom and more added in new Grafton Renovation

Before and after photos of a newly renovated home in Grafton, MA. Notice the new gables, iron work, and sunroom.

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New GBCo 3 Car Garage in Westborough, MA

A beautiful new GBCo 3 car garage built in Westborough, MA.

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High Tech Blended with Old New England Charm


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A Net Zero Home Means Zero Power Loss during Power Outages

Recently, Tropical Storm Isaias caused power outages all over New England. One of GBCo's recent new construction clients sent the following statement of how their new energy efficient Net Zero home faired during the power outage.

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Thanks For Helping Us Serve You While We All Stay Safe

GBCo (Gilmore Building Company, Inc.) would like to take this opportunity to spotlight and thank our amazing clients, subcontractors and vendors because, during this pandemic, they have joined us in our efforts to protect us all as we move forward with meetings and construction of new home and remodeling projects. Thank you for your strength and for continuing to trust our ability to create a safe environment in these unnerving times. As the drawing in the driveway at one of our recent new home projects instructs - "Keep on Smiling."

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