New GBCo 3 Car Garage in Westborough, MA

A beautiful new GBCo 3 car garage built in Westborough, MA.

F_New Gilmore Building Co 3 Car Garage
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High Tech Blended with Old New England Charm


Home Automation Systems in Gilmore Building Co House


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A Net Zero Home Means Zero Power Loss during Power Outages

Recently, Tropical Storm Isaias caused power outages all over New England. One of GBCo's recent new construction clients sent the following statement of how their new energy efficient Net Zero home faired during the power outage.

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Thanks For Helping Us Serve You While We All Stay Safe

The GBCo Approach to Completing Your Project and Keeping Everyone Safe

GBCo (Gilmore Building Company, Inc.) would like to take this opportunity to spotlight and thank our amazing clients, subcontractors and vendors because, during this pandemic, they have joined us in our efforts to protect us all as we move forward with meetings and construction of new home and remodeling projects. Thank you for your strength and for continuing to trust our ability to create a safe environment in these unnerving times. As the drawing in the driveway at one of our recent new home projects instructs - "Keep on Smiling."

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New Home Building Technology Is A Must Have

Now the list of "must haves" when building a new home includes innovative New Home Building Technology.  Why?  Because their use gives our clients extra value, such as, reducing ownership cost through lower energy usage, shorter construction time, and low maintenance materials. Gilmore Building Company, Inc. has been building new homes and remodeling projects that draw on such technologies for many years. Now, with new technologies available in abundance, we are placing even more emphasis on their use. 

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Foundation Panels a New Home Building Technology | Install Video

"Foundations are Forever"

We think the foundation experts at Superior Walls by Weaver said it best, "Foundations Are Forever.  You can upgrade to granite counter tops later, but you can not upgrade the foundation of your home."

Gilmore Building Company, Inc. is using Weaver's "Superior Walls" precast foundation panels as a New Home Building Technology.  Watch in the video below as the Company installs a Superior Walls panel foundation for a current new home project.

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Love The Design Build Process - A GBCo Client's Story

If you want to love the new home design build process, assemble the right team.  The Abergs did ... 

Robert and Lori Aberg's New Old Home was designed and built by Gilmore Building Company, Inc. of Central MA. When the project team at Gilmore Building learned the Abergs were willing to share their experience planning and building a traditional New England style home, they were excited. In the video below you will see images of the home and hear Mr. Aberg recount his design build story and tell how he and Lori still have warm feelings about the process and how, every day, they love being in their new home.

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Should We Build or Buy Our Next Home? The Answer Is ...

Definitely custom design and build your next home!  Why?  Because, in that way, what you always wanted becomes yours.  With custom design, you get to personalize your home and control key living-style decisions.  As you will read in the testimonial below, teaming with Gilmore Building Co. can make the designing and building process comfortable and even enjoyable. 

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Idea of Building a Home Overwhelming? No Worries because ...

No need to worry says the Mr and Ms Treadway when you work with Gilmore Building Company, Inc of Grafton, MA.  The reasons they feel this way about their design / build company is provided in the post-project testimonial they penned.

The Treadway's home was complete in the Spring of 2019 in Central MA in the Town of Harvard. The home's architectural concept is the New Old Home.  It was designed by the Treadway's team that included Connor Mill-Built Homes of Burlington, VT and Gilmore Building Co. The home was built by Gilmore Building Company using factory-built panels provide by Connor.

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For Sale at Merriam Woods - Lot + Custom Designed Home

Now available at Merriam Woods in Grafton, MA is your opportunity to build a new home that you custom design.  Your new home will be elegant and located in a comfortable historic country setting that is close to Boston and Worcester.  Merriam Woods offers unusually distinguished living because it is part of an intimate development of just four multi-acre building sites and it is located on the Boston side of historically-preserved Town of Grafton.  Additionally, Merriam Woods homeowners have deeded access rights to the winding brooks and horse friendly / walking trails of the Great Meadow Conservation Area.  These land and finished home bundles start at $1,169,000. 

To learn more contact Gilmore Building Company, Inc.  For a detailed picture brochure, click the button below.

Send Me The Merriam Woods Brochure

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