Pre-fab Foundation Panels - New Home Building Tech | Install Video

"Foundations are Forever"

We think the foundation experts at Superior Walls by Weaver said it best, "Foundations Are Forever.  You can upgrade to granite counter tops later, but you can not upgrade the foundation of your home."

Gilmore Building Company, Inc. is using Weaver's "Superior Walls" precast foundation panels as a New Home Building Technology.  Watch in the video below as the Company installs a Superior Walls panel foundation for a current new home project.

Superior Walls by Weaver

We choose to use Weaver's product and construction professionals when reasonable, because Gilmore Building Company homes need a solid beginning. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with precast foundation panels: fast installation, lower costs, higher energy efficiency, and improved indoor air quality plus basements so built are warm, comfortable, and dry.


Precast Foundation Pros

"The most popular precast foundation walls come as nearly finished panels, incorporating insulation and interior studs ready to accept drywall. On site, precast panels go up much more quickly than cast walls, including those constructed with insulating concrete forms (ICF). And since there’s no concrete placed on site, construction can proceed in virtually any weather without concern about freezing or wet conditions. Precast wall erection is also simpler than cast-in-place or ICF construction and can be done by low-skilled workers with only one trained lead. “We feel it is the future of residential foundations,” says Jim Costello of Superior Walls." - Bill Palmer, Precast Foundation Panels: Factory-made panels can be placed in one day.

"Choosing a foundation is the most critical decision for any building project, because you can’t change your mind later." - Superior Walls by Weaver

Like our client relationships, GBCo builds each of our new home foundations with care, efficiency, reliability, and innovation.