Whole House Remodeling - Creating a Farmhouse

Conversion to Farmhouse Style Home

The owners purchased an old No-style home needing much work on a farm in Central, MA.  The existing home had been pieced together over many years and did not complement the farm setting it was in.  It seems the original owner of the farm, also being in the demolition business, had created the structure from sections of demolished buildings.  

Unacceptable to the new owners, they sought out Gilmore Building Co. to work with them to design and build an appropriate house consistent with the country / farm setting.  Additionally, they wanted to utilize the existing structure since it was sound.  Since the home would be located on a farm in New England, and since it had an antique red barn, a New England farmhouse style was selected.

The exterior was stripped and the interior was gutted.  A remarkable transformation took place.  The photo on the right is the final exterior and the historic red barn with its stone foundation can be seen.

Photo of Farmhouse - Mot

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