Remodeling - Kitchen Upgrade

Project Story And Testimonial

The Story:

in 2020, Gilmore Building Co. (GBCo) designed, in collaboration with the owner, and built a detailed comprehensive remodel of the kitchen, pantry, a hallway, and mudroom in an 1895 Victorian home located in Central Ma.  This multi-function space was outdated by many decades, and the demolition phase required taking most of the rooms down to the studs.  GBCo was chosen for the project because of its specialization in projects undertaken in antique homes of traditional New England architecture.

The Testimonial:

The project owner wrote, "We wholeheartedly recommend Gilmore Building Company.  During 2020, GBCo conducted a complete remodel of the kitchen, pantry, a hallway, and mudroom in our 1895 Victorian home. What was there was outdated by many decades, and the demolition involved taking most of the rooms down to the studs. We ended up with an absolutely beautiful, as well as highly functional, space that we enjoy and appreciate every day.  The remodeling resulted in a completely up-to-date kitchen that in many ways stays true to the feel, architecture, and materials of a Victorian house. There are two key qualities that make GBCo excellent in our experience: 1) They are committed to designing and completing a project that matches your hopes and expectations. We met with several builders and remodeling companies. Eric, the owner of GBCo, stood out by carefully listening to our ideas. In turn, his extensive engineering background and love for old New England homes led him to propose an ingenious reconfiguration of the space to meet our goals. Julie, the designer, drew up a plan and carefully consulted us with us about materials, and her plan guided the entire execution of the project. We were pleased to find that GBCo does not just rush to finish a job. We had weekly meetings with the multitalented project supervisor, Lou, and the unflappable project manager, Ernie, to confer and calibrate. Our expectations for the project were high: We are detail-oriented and care a lot about the historic value of the house. From start to finish, it became clear that Eric, Julie, Lou, and Ernie were committed to matching or exceeding our hopes and expectations. 2) Not only is everyone who works with GBCo professional, they are also very personable. GBCo has long-term relations with a list of subcontractors. Everyone shows up on time, cleans up every day, comes back to correct any issue as needed, and cares about the quality of their work. While we did not speak with every subcontractor, we did find that those whom we met were just plain nice. We always had the sense that Eric is honest with and considerate of his clients, and that seems to be an approach that characterizes everyone he employs. In sum, we enthusiastically recommend Gilmore Building Company for any home remodeling and construction job."

Photo of remodeled kitchen

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