Photos Custom Design Barn for Wine Crafting

Custom Design - Red Barn for Wine Crafting and Sales

Project Story - Red Barn and Winery

The homeowners purchased 40 acres of land in Central, MA.  Their desire was to build a new home, plant a vineyard, and develop a small hobby winery on the land.  They wanted their new home to be of traditional New England style architecture and it had to look historic but be of new construction.  They also wanted a classic New England "red" barn to use in support of the winery. 

Their choice of design for the home was an early New England Salt Box.  They also chose the new old home design concept because the  construction is new but the home looks like it was built 200 years ago.  In addition, the traditional red barn was built adjacent to the home

The grape vines are producing and very good wine is being crafted and sold in the Red Barn.

Photo of Red Barn - Per

Owner's Review / Testimonial:

"We believe we have a very high quality home.  We are very happy with our home.  We believe we have a home that was built with the quality we expected and we would recommend Gilmore Building Co. to anyone."

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