GBCo Community Corner: The Hero Teacher Project

Gilmore Building Company believes that building a community takes more than adding nice new homes to the neighborhoods. It takes people passionate about helping to create an environment where growth and personal development can occur on a daily basis. Schools are such places in our communities where kids grow and learn due to the direct support of teachers. GBCo supports teachers and what they do for our communities.

That's why GBCo is sponsoring The Hero Teacher Project fundraising campaign to create 51 portraits of one teacher of the year from every state and DC.  

Takeru_Nagayoshi_JGilmore©2021Takeru Nagayoshi, 2020 MA Teacher of The Year

Jason Gilmore, a 21 year Art Teacher/ Muralist at McDonough Middle School in Hartford, CT has completed CT and MA portraits. He and his family visited VT and is now creating a third portrait. There is a list of 48 more teachers to visit, paint, and interview in their home states. Jason and his family are traveling to meet the teachers in each state because you can't really know a teacher unless you visit their learning community. Jason states,

"Being a teacher today requires a high level of personal dedication. 'Hero Teachers' are those that have been chosen by their state as truly exceptional educators. This amazing group deserves recognition. Through portraiture, I will share their unique stories, including their struggles and their achievements."

Susan Rosato 2HR VT PaintedSketchA painted sketch of Susan Rosato the 2021 VT teacher of the year.

Jason will create a painted sketch of each teacher while on the road.

This is a way to celebrate teachers, talk about school issues, and promote the arts in schools. The Hero Teacher Project seeks to promote the teaching profession as a great community investment that will serve our children, our most important investment for many years to come.

As of 9/25/22 Jason has 17 more days to go to raise about $25,000. If he fails to raise it all in the allotted time, he gets none of the funding. Please consider making a donation to Jason's cause. If you cannot make a donation please share the link to the Hero Teacher Project fundraising campaign over your networks:

Hero Teacher Project Kickstarter Page


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